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    Right now, visiting sis in OR. Tomorrow...?

    Hey, Junkies Are A Lot of FUN!


    A suggestion for the forum. I haven't been here very much, confession time, but I have a great idea - I think, anyway.

    Junkies, Dopers, And Boozers Are Major Party Animals!

    That is, Some of the funniest and coolist people I know fit in the above category. So, I've been looking for some place to put my two cents' in... so here goes:

    How about we start a game like the following. Maybe in the lounge? Or...?

    Lie To Me - you post 3 things about yourself, people guess which is the lie.

    Fun? FUN!

    All work (rehab) and no play ...



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    I like it!!! I will PM you and get some details from you for this game. Thank you for thinking of this

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    Sounds good hood, but God please lose that horrid word "junkies"....that's like old school 60-70's slang I hear it and think we're like dumpster diving or something! LOL!!!

    I dont even call myself an addict much, I'm in recovery so i'm a recovering addict but Im also just a human being with a horrible genetic illness. I could have had cancer, and note they dont have any crazy offense please not getting on you just pointing out to admin that we should push positive references to our "illness/disease" names if we must.

    That could be a good start to the game, thinking of names that we all find "acceptable" to be referenced as if someone wants to use one with us in regards to our addiction?? Just a thought, my 2 cents!

    Prayers to you all!


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    That's a GREAT suggestion for a game, babydoll!

    I believe I may be a little older than Hood, so I get where he's coming from. I probably would have made that same mistake, lol. With the world so PC these days, it's not at all difficult to offend or "step on somebody's toes", lol. I'm sure it was an innocent oversight; perhaps this little game you have in mind might help to educate us "old fogeys".

    Welcome. Please know this is a safe place. Feel free to share.


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