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    Getting Old...

    Is getting old…good or bad?

    Plays Well with Others
    You’re more in tune with other people’s emotions in your 40s than at any other time in your life. That insight into how others think and feel can make living with your loved ones easier and help you get along better with your coworkers, too.

    Mr. Nice Guy
    Turns out you might not be a grumpy old man (or woman), after all. You’ll probably get more agreeable as you age, at least through your 60s. You’re also likely to be happier and less inclined to get angry. Scientists haven’t figured out exactly why this happens, but they do have some theories. Older people might control their emotions better, and focus more on how to make the most of life.

    Those Golden Years
    They’re called the golden years for a reason. Getting older has its perks. For one, you’re good at using what you’ve learned. This is called crystallized intelligence, and it keeps getting better, even when you’re 65 or 70.

    Better Sex
    Older women may have sex less often than when they were younger, but apparently they make it count. In a study of women 40 and over, researchers found that sexual satisfaction improved with age. Women over 80 were more likely than those between 55 and 79 to say they were satisfied during sex.

    Rise and Shine
    There’s a good chance you’ll become the morning person you’ve always wanted to be -- in your 60s. Our sleeping patterns can shift as we age, so we get sleepier earlier and wake up earlier. That seems to work out well. One study showed that even though folks over 65 tend to wake up during the night, most said they regularly get a good night’s sleep.

    Don't Quit Your Day Job
    Early retirement might not be the best thing for your health -- unless you have a fun second career. A study called the Longevity Project found that people who work hard at a job they enjoy live the longest. That, along with good friends and a good marriage, could be the key to sticking around a while.

    Weight of the World
    The longer you’re alive, the more gravity brings you down. The spaces between the bones in your spine -- called vertebrae -- get closer together. That can make you about an inch shorter as you get older.

    Funny, ‘Old’ used to be a good thing…one was considered wise and an elder.

    Not now…we are senior citizens and like all other things in our new-found ‘throwaway’ society, us old people are usually put out to pasture as we are considered past our usefulness and quite disposable.

    Interestingly enough…this is only a phenomenon in developed countries…ah, the good ol days.

    The real tragedy is that this society finds no value in the oldest book ever written...yeah, it has been replaced with the latest version or update of self help.

    His Word has been replaced with 'word, I heard that'.

    Good luck with youngins.

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