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    l Corinthians 2:12 Now we have recieved, not the spirit of the world

    In order to come to a place of total recovery of any drug addiction there is a spiritual reality in
    every fabric of our lives,man is a triune being consisting of body, soul, and spirit created in the
    image and the likeness of GOD our are a free agent knowing right from wrong we all
    make choices in life to do good are to do evil which we are conscious for me i chose to
    get involved with drugs because of a sinful nature which we are born with, which is the spirit
    of this world [ self seeking,self righteousness ,which is controlled by the prince of the power of the
    air which is the devil himself who blinds the minds of the people in the world.To be totally delivered
    personally, I gave my life back to my maker God Himself believing that Jesus Christ His son who died
    for my sins and took my place as a sinner on the cross would deliver me from drugs and He did.Twenty
    three years clean and never look back.


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