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    Becoming a new person SPIRITUALLY ; The NEW BIRTH St.John chapter 3:3 King James

    As each of us go about our daily lives we operate and live in a natural world which is the physical,not
    knowing of its spiritual reality.The word of God says we are all sinners and we have all broken God's commandments,we are physically alive but sin give spiritual death.We can see the physical which is the
    natural world around us but we are blind to the spiritual which is the heavenly the unseen world which
    is the real world.Drug addition must be destroyed from the root of its cause which is controlled by the
    devil himself and all his devices( demonic forces).The word of God tells us that the world around us is under the power and control of the evil one(1 John 5 :JESUS spoke in John chapter 3 except a man is born again he can not see the kingdom of heaven, which is your true identity, your future ,and your purpose for being in this world.Born again means born from above by the power of God Himself.You must come to a place of total surrender (mind,body,soul and spirit) admitting that you need desperate help from every form of drug
    addition and every immoral way of life, confessing to God Himself that you are lost and are in need of an inward change which is eternal,and not a temporary fix.Surrender your whole being to the Lord Jesus Christ.
    I did it and I have been free for over twenty four years WHICH IS CALLED TOTAL RECOVERY.
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    Come Now My Brother


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