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    Newness of life and what does it mean, 2 Corinthian Chapter 5:17

    what this mean is that those who become Christians {born again} become new person.They are not the
    same anymore, for the old life is gone.{sinful nature } A new life has begun! [GOD'S NATURE ] RIGHTEOUSNESS.All this newness of life is from GOD,who brings us back to himself through what Christ did,
    {death, burial, and Resurrection }Do you know that once a person who is going through the misery and
    guilt of being addicted of a controlling substance comes to the end of themselves there is hope beyond
    the grave. Your true life is in the spirit,for example a person who has not accepted this newness of life from God(His Son Christ Jesus) is living in total darkness and being tormented in his or her mind by evil spirits which they cannot understand with their natural mind, for example what happen to certain addicts when they go into recovery for a certain period of time.Some do recover but others go right back to their
    old ways of life and fall short of total recovery.These are the ones that are in and out of detox as an revolving door and are in need of a supernatural encounter from God himself which we are all in need of.
    Without the life of the Spirit of God we are all spiritually dead ,and need a total change in life (rebirth) in
    our spirit.When an evil spirit leave a person,it goes into the desert or a dry place searching for rest but
    when it finds none,it says I will return to the person I came from(addict) so it returns and find that it former home is swept and clean, (detoxed )then the spirit find seven other spirits more evil than itself
    and they all enter the person and lived there,and so that person is worse off than before.You see it all
    the time and wonder why the person cannot stay clean.I am a living witness of this fact because of my
    own life experience at the time when I was also under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
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