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    Aspen Dungeon Guide: Best Heroes and Tips for Aspen

    What is Aspen Dungeon?

    You can enter the Aspen Dungeon from level 72. It is discovered perfect close by the Arena building. It opens once every 4 days, continues for 48 hours.

    You can send 5 Heroes by and large to the Dungeon and endeavor to get into it as significant as you can by doing combating various strategies for monsters.

    After each 100 waves, you enter another component of the Dungeon with much more grounded mammoths.

    At the present time, there are 5 levels inside and out: Easy; Normal; Difficult; Nightmare and Hell.

    After each 50 waves, you accomplish another accomplishment. By that way, from the accompanying Aspen Dungeon event, you will start the preoccupation from that accomplishment.

    For example, your own best in this Aspen is Easy #60. You will start at Easy #51 in the accompanying Aspen rather than going from Easy 1, giving a ton of compensations similarly as an unrivaled starting stage.

    When you start exploring the Aspen Dungeon with your 5 legends, their subtleties are snapshotted, which means all change to their gears, stones, relics, levels, etc are not affected the rest of the event. So guarantee your Heroes are getting it done conditions before hitting the Start get.

    Exactly when the fight is done, HP of legends for the different sides will be saved and remain till the accompanying battle. All damage is proceeded, thusly using patching Heroes in Aspen is the key.

    There are 2 distinct approaches to recover your Heroes between fights:

    Saint Abilities: Having retouching limit in Aspen is basic. Legends like Vesa, Ormus, etc can keep their HP high after the fights.

    Using Restore Potions.

    There are 3 sorts of compensations you will get after each surge of mammoths:

    A Chest containing both of these: 5-star legend shard precious stone gold soul Hero progression stone confusion stone monster soul charm dust

    A Potion which could be either Restore Poison (Angel Potion, Demon Potion, Mysterious Milk) or Buff Potion (Crit Damage, Damage or Crit Chance).

    A Vagrant Merchant that sells things.


    Buff Potion

    Crit hurt elixir Crit Damage +2%

    control elixir Attack + 1.5%

    crit elixir Crit Chance +2%

    Restore Potion

    sacred emissary elixir 100% HP

    wickedness soul mixture half HP; Energy + 300

    confounding milk 20% HP


    There are 3 vagrant shippers in the Aspen Dungeon: The Handsome Boy, Baroness Lady, and the Old Lady.

    Quick Tips:

    Buy all chip Wishing Coins from Baroness Lady and Old Lady.

    Buy all field ticket Arena Tickets with Gold. Simply buy the pack of 10 Tickets with precious stone Gems.

    The Old Lady sells 5xprophet circle Prophet Orbs for only 2,250 precious stone Gems, which is the least worth you could ever get so this is constantly an irrefutable necessity buy.

    The Old Lady furthermore sells 10xheroic assemble scroll Heroic Summon Scrolls for only 1,250 pearl Gems, which resembles the pack of 8 in Marketplace. Buy this If you have a great deal of additional Gems.

    Do whatever it takes not to buy Hero Shards with gem Gems.

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