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    Do not call anything impure that God has made clean. Acts 10:15

    The apostle Peter believed that Jesus had come as the Savior of the Jews. He and the other apostles assumed that if non-Jews wanted to get in on salvation, they had to convert to Judaism.

    To show Peter that Jesus was the Savior of non-Jews too, God sent Peter a vision. He showed him an array of animals that weren't kosher for Jews to eat, and he told Peter to eat them.

    When Peter expressed disgust, God said, "Do not call anything impure that God has made clean." In this way, Peter learned that anybody who believed in Jesus was made clean.

    Today, we may not doubt our cleanness because of our ethnic background, but we may doubt it for other reasons. Some secret in our past. A number on the scale. A struggle with sin.

    But God says that if you believe in Jesus, you are made clean. He says it strongly. Don't call yourself impure.

    Your past is forgiven.

    Your present is covered in the blood of Jesus.

    Your future awaits you, with God opening his arms to you. You are clean.


    Believe the truth about yourself: God has made you clean, fully forgiven, with a new identity in Christ.

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