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    Obeying GOD and his word gives you life eternal; Scripture Psalms 1:1-6

    Oh, the joy of those who do not follow the advice ( counsel) of the wicked, or stand around with sinners, or join in with
    scoffers. But they delight in doing everything the Lord want; day and night they think about his law. they are like trees planted
    along the river bank, bearing fruit each season without fail. Their leave never wither, and in all they do, they prosper.
    But this is not true of the wicked . They are like worthless chaff scattered by the wind. They will be condemned at the
    time of judgment. Sinners will have no place among the godly. For the LORD watches over the path of the godly
    but the path of the wicked leads to destruction.The life you are now living is the life you choose, either it be
    of a life of drug addiction, or a life out of control, you can be set free from all of it, for with GOD all things are
    possible,He loves you more than anything else in this world. JESUS CHRIST. YOUR LIFE IS OF GREAT VALUE
    IN THE EYES OF GOD. ST JOHN 3:16 For GOD so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes
    in him will not perish but have eternal life. God did not send his Son into the world to condemn it but to save it.there
    is no judgment awaiting those who trust him.But those who do not trust him have already been judged for not
    believing in the only Son of GOD.
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    Greg how do we get in touch with you? im trying to private message you but it says you have your private messenger turned off. please reply how we can speak with you!!!!!

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    Las Cruces, NM... the city of the Crosses


    gotta think on that one


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    Polle try this I'll put it in laymans terms here since I'm both a christian but also pretty grounded with it...

    Stick with the winners, and you will win. Do what's in front of you, the next "right thing" and you'll be moving ahead and moving forward in your life in a positive sense and a positive life.

    Have belief in either a higher power, in God, or Jesus Christ as our personal savior. In other words, have faith because there is hope...especially for us addicts in recovery, and for the addicts still suffering.

    Prayers to you all!


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