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Thread: Pleasure Meeting You Minister Gregory - I am in LOVE with the website!!!!

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    Lightbulb Pleasure Meeting You Minister Gregory - I am in LOVE with the website!!!!

    I am new to the community and i read your posts and saw some of your videos. I must saw I am completely amazed how you turned your life around and have become such a wonderful soul and devote your life to helping other with their Drug Addiction.... People just dont get it they look down on us but I believe that we are programmed to gravitate to Sin by nature and being in an environment where everyone around you is using Drugs and Alcohol makes using more of a normal and social thing which is terrible. That's what happened to me I was peer pressured into taking my first hits of LSD when i was 13 years old and just being around my friends they were always trying new drugs which really ended up getting the claws of addictions around me tight for many many years. That euphoric feeling what just amazing and as kids we would just have the best times ever high as a kite. Then like always tragedy hits and one of my friends overdoses on over the counter pain medication mixed with Alcohol. That was a serious wake up call for me just watching my friend lying there lifeless with the end of his journey stopping at such a young age. Anyway, I just want to personally thank you for your posts and i really enjoy reading them i hope you put more posts up!! Thank You David
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