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    Worth the Price of Admission

    What if you were given free tickets to a major league baseball game, NBA, NFL or hockey game…or to a music concert for one of the hottest new stars…or a one-day pass to Disney, Universal Studios or Sea World. Not many of us would say no to everything on that list. We all could find something relevant, plus we want to be entertained…then add that it’s free and well, what’s not to like. The thing is, once the event is over…what are we left with?

    Here’s an idea…here’s a free event…here’s a chance for free entertainment…here’s a chance to find something relevant to your life…and the best thing is that what you leave with could help you through the rest of your life in achieving true joy and peace.

    Go to this website at 11:15am this morning, Sunday 6-12-16.

    I experienced my first hour on this site back in 2010…and it changed my life forever. It just might do the same for you?

    wwJd – well I think He would be extremely pleased that the message hasn’t changed…just the way in which it is presented. God bless you all.


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