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    We Are Marked...

    We are all marked...not with a mark you can see or touch...but a mark that states 'whose' we are.

    We are not our own...we are part of something larger...something greater than ourselves.

    This journey of life is not so much about finding ourselves...but all about losing ourselves and finding Him.

    As we move towards discovering Him...we become free to explore the depth and the breadth of His love and His being.

    However, we come to realize that being a 'saved' people...doesn't mean that we are a 'safe' people. We are not here to play it safe and just bide our time until His return.

    Rather, we are be there for the outcasts and the vulnerable...and to actually embrace the enemy with God's love.

    We need to move from within the church walls to outside into a world that needs Jesus.

    Our mission is to do whatever it takes to penetrate the 'darkness' and rescue the lost.

    Why...because...'WE ARE HIS'!


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