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    Outlive your Life!

    How long will it last?
    Most Food - 2-3 weeks if you keep it in refrigerated
    Computer - obsolete in 2 years, but usually replaced in 5 or 6
    Car - about 8 years or 150,000 miles
    Electronic Games - 5-6 years or until the next generation comes out
    Clothes - 3 months to 3 years depending on wear and tear
    Humans - 67.2 years on average

    But it's all headed to the same place.

    Everything breaks
    Everything wears out
    Rust destroys
    Moths eat
    Everything returns to dust

    So what will last?
    The good we do
    The relationships we build
    The Word of God

    As you live, set your mind on the things of God.

    Do something eternal...and outlive your life.

    Credits to: Real Momentum

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