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Thread: Here’s some more worldly advice…

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    Here’s some more worldly advice…

    Traveling or on vacation…there is a downside to using our technology.

    Don’t lead burglars to your home with your GPS…many a GPS, either the portable or built-in style, has led thieves directly to unsuspecting homes.

    When a car is left at the airport, a bad guy can break in, turn on the GPS unit and often find out exactly where home is. If you have a portable unit, don’t leave it in the car either at the airport, or in your hotel parking lot at night if you’re road-tripping.

    If you have a built-in unit, set “home” for something other than your actual exact address. Use a nearby intersection or cafe instead. It’s not a bad idea to do this with your portable unit as well just in case anyone gets their hands on it! That way you’ll still get home, but won’t lead anyone else there either.

    Simply put, prevent another from committing sin by removing the temptation!
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