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    The Art of 'THE' Deal...

    The Art of ‘THE’ Deal…

    One-day, while speaking with God, He asked me if I had a wish…

    I said yes God I do “Please let all my friends be healthy and happy forever!”

    GOD said: “How about for 4 days only!”

    I said: “Yes, then let them be a Spring Day, Summer Day, Autumn Day, and Winter Day.”

    GOD said: “3 days…”

    I said: “Yes, then let them be Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.”

    GOD said: “No, 2 days!”

    I said: “Yes, then let them be a Bright Day (Daytime) and Dark Day (Night-time).”

    GOD said: “No, just 1 day!”

    I said: “Yes!”

    GOD asked: “Which day?”

    I said: “Every Day” …in the living years of all my friends!”

    GOD laughed, and said: “You sure know how to negotiate. But since you are praying and asking happiness for your friends, I can’t refuse. I love everyone who thinks of others first, so don’t you worry. I’ll grant your wish.”

    …and this is how I negotiated with God for happiness and health for my friends.

    May my God, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit be with you all…always.

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