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    Life is too short...

    'Love one another'...

    Becky is a waitress at The Breakfast Spot in Cohoes, New York.

    One morning when she picked up the check that one of her customers left on the table, she saw a message written that stopped her in her tracks.

    At the top of the receipt was a hand-written note: “Life is short, a friend of mine died last night. Please enjoy a night w/ someone you love!” Then, at the bottom, the customer repeated the line that ‘Life is too short’ and left a more than generous tip for the hard-working waitress, Becky.

    What a beautiful way to honor a late friend. The planet needs more people and stories like this, wouldn’t you agree?


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    That's lovely.

    When our children were younger, we always had a habit whenever we crossed a toll bridge. We'd pay for the one or two cars behind us.

    The kids had a blast seeing the people's faces as they sped ahead of us, looking to see who had paid their way. I'm sure many of them thought perhaps, we were friends who recognized their cars, and paid as a courtesy.

    A few times, these cars would follow us and stop when we stopped at our favorite burger place. They'd strike up a conversation, starting with, "Hey, why did you do that?" The kids always had fun, aka, a little piece of "good will toward men".

    Now, I love to hear from the grandkids, about how they do things like this, and the joy it brings all sides.
    Welcome. Please know this is a safe place. Feel free to share.


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