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    This would later be confirmed to be folly in PSO2

    This material largely talks about Episode 1 substance in PSO2. But, I do believe there's enough evidence. Theory Falz [Elder] before being sealed destroyed Pioneer 2. The remains of PSO2 Meseta Pioneer two would be the Ruins you see on Naverius. Back in PSO, if you see the floor is placed on by the capsules Red Ring Rico, she cites which Dark Falz had to be sealed because it couldn't be defeated. But, its ability corrupted also the wildlife in and the spaceship it had been imprisoned and still seeped out of the seal. At the time, Rico thought it had been possible to destroy it. This would later be confirmed to be folly in PSO2 by Six's Council.

    Though it was regarded as possible, it is still clear a good deal of time has passed since PSO1 because Casts are now able to utilize techniques, something they were intentionally incapable of at the moment. Proof of photon advancement was that they could be implemented to weapon usage also. I believe the time span was within the range of 200 decades.

    The thing that I think supports this concept is how similar the woods creatures on Naverius are into the creatures on Ragol. The Rockbears, Yetis, Gibbles and Hildebears and critters could be slightly evolved from similar families. The wolves share patterns between the 2 generations as well as dimensions and visual appeal. The rappies are nearly indistinguishable. Banshees and the Bansers are still an exception that is odd. This can be best explained by the simple fact that while some animals are native to particular environments, it won't ensure they will be evident in all occasions of these surroundings.

    With the Bansers and Banshees basically being equivalent to forest/tundra lions, it's possible that with the limited exploration range of your experiences around Pioneer 1 that you simply never had a opportunity to encounter them. Before you say"However, rappies can appear in any area in PSO2!" Those rappies are the exception because there's a capsule you can find in any area saying that rappies transcend space and time. And those rappies can appear everywhere, for example, forest alongside Nav rappies. Nav rappies the forest can not be shown up anywhere except by themselves.

    Additionally have appearances. What this suggests is that those rappies are a part of a nexus stage and therefore are crossing into our deadline instead of being a natural part of it such as Naverius or even Ragol rappies. Now, another major story question, if Pioneer 2 was destroyed by Falz Elder, then why was not it and pso2 sales why would ARKS Ragol? We are gonna begin getting into spoilers that are big today, so here's your warning.

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