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    Its exceptionally hinted RuneScape gold

    Its exceptionally hinted RS gold that the thief who did stealings or all of the kidnappings is a vampyre. Its been theorized several occasions and even Ned's wife suggested it may be. The description is wings and black talons/claws, we also know the salve can be crossed by pure blooded vampyres. So its also possible it might even be Vanescula along with her fate in the sixth age following the events of R.o.B.. It has power to produce an entire room eliminate all light in an instant, as Vanstrom has shown to be effective at through a boss fight and move pitch black.

    So I only had some ideas. Guthix was a god of equilibrium who didn't take bad or good stances, which means that the World Guardian is essentially free to do anything they like. He has given us the capability wield divine energy such as Jas' Stone briefly and to resist the gods. To a which makes you a beacon of trust, and to others a danger to ruin." Could this mean we're totally free to become monsters as decisions could the World Guardian create which could turn them?

    And what motives could they have for making those decisions, even if the decisions themselves might appear good or noble? Perhaps every choice they make is meticulously built to trigger sheer distress and unleash horror unto the universe, whether or not in a dystopian order where they principle, wrecking anarchy in many civilised locations, or merely killing and sabotaging anything and anybody (this includes Zaros and Seren) who has even the slightest desire to save the universe in the fantastic Revision.Please don't hesitate to buy old school runescape gold post your ideas on conclusions and motives that could make the participant the actual villain of RuneScape!

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