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    Prayer is the key that will release your miracle:SCRIPTURE PALM 40:1-5

    Hello everybody,those who are addicted and to those who are struggling with addiction, I can only speak
    to you of my on personal experiences with the struggles of drugs and wanting so badly to be freed completely from whatever I was going through in my life,either it would be drugs or alcohol or just a
    bad out come with life its self.I spent twenty years trying so hard to change my life,and I end up empty,
    so it got worse.there were times when I would remember the days of my youth,and how life was so precious
    and the way I was raise up,yes I was raise up in a christian environment, and it was totally special,but
    even so lost i lost my way by making bad choices and hanging out with bad company which led me to my down fall,I knew of GOD but I did not know GOD personally,but then you would ask me how did you make this
    change and become who you are today,and I would gladly tell you it was from people who were praying for me ,and my personal cry to GOD for help.for many years I depended on the power of prayer day and night
    I cried out to the LORD JESUS CHRIST.Let me explain to you and let you know that the GOD I SERVE IS
    is a live and well,if not so I would be still addicted or living on the the streets or in prison,or most likely
    dead and in hell today.I tried all kinds of religions,but none could give me the inner peace and love and the newness life i longed to have,but when i begin to call on the name of the LORD and to believe by
    faith that HE was so real to me, HE showed up and changed my life forever, I had a personal encounter
    with JESUS CHRIST.Many of you have tried everything in your life,am asking you to pray and ask the
    LORD GOD TO SAVE YOU and to come into your life,and become your life.pray, pray pray
    this is the key that you have been looking for. now open this book {HOLY BIBLE] AND PLEASE READ
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