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Thread: POEM ~ He Said He'd Be Home Early ~

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    POEM ~ He Said He'd Be Home Early ~

    He said he'd be home early,
    And though I didn't doubt him,
    I had this funny feeling...
    (There was something strange about him)

    He asked me for some money,
    Then promised there'd be change,
    But, as he made his promise,
    He looked at me so strange...

    As if his eyes could tell me...
    "Please...don't ask what it's for"
    I remember wanting to stop him...
    Too late... he closed the door.

    Then I recalled the message
    I had gotten yesterday,
    It said "Your old man owes me,
    But, I'll give him one more day"...

    Just one more day is all we have
    To pay that past due bill...
    We've never had much money;
    We probably never will...

    I remember now...the phone call...
    Later on that very day.
    "It's urgent that we see you...
    Could you make it right away?"

    The seemed liked hours,
    But, I finally found the place.
    When I realized just where I was,
    The tears poured down my face...

    "We need you to identify...
    'John Doe' in Chamber Two."
    "He died, overdose...
    Was he someone close to you?"

    He said he'd be home early...
    (The words now make me cry)
    I have the strangest feeling,
    That he didn't even try...


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    Oh how very sad!

    Welcome. Please know this is a safe place. Feel free to share.


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