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Thread: Hello!

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    Abbeville, Louisiana

    Or, is it...

    OH YEAH!!!


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    May 2016

    Rockin' it!

    Love the music, mcd. Are you a Cajun gal? They're the friendliest folks!

    Yes, if your son is getting out, babydoll, it's definitely time to celebrate! Of course, he'll have a different set of issues to deal with, but looks like you know all that.

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    Holy James thank you for your kind words about my son Sky....yes we're super excited tho we are also scared for him. It's a different world outside and Id have to think it'll be harder for him to stay sober than the 15 months he did INSIDE the prison....

    I bought him a PS4 Destiny model with the Taken something or other game today...he's going to hibernate for the first few days in his new apartment with his brother who's sober too. He gets out this Tuesday, and I think it's a great idea to just kinda chill out and play some PS4 and not go out too much initially. At least that's what he' wanted, so now I'm broke (these things cost a fortune! LOL!) but I'm hopeful and a little more at ease knowing he'll have something positive to look forward to and to do while he transitions to the outside world as we know it.

    Please, anyone who can please pray for Sky...he's one of our 6 kids he's 22 and he's got a long road ahead of him. But he did it, he's getting outta prison and he stayed sober he's a super hero to us!!!

    Thanks all! God Bless!


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