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Thread: need advice

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    need advice

    Hey guys, hope this is ok, and all that. I really need some advice real quick. I dont know where else to go to ask thisd question and I hope I'm in the right forum thread

    Here goes: yall know what Jager is? I cant find how to put the 2 dots top of the letter a, like the bottle says. Guess its German.

    Anyway, that stuff's hard hard. You gotta be like a real athlete to guzzle that down. It's like if your a extreme skier dropping down the face of a double-black-diamond-run. OH MAN!

    (Yeah, I have a cousin who lived in Colorado for a couple of years, heard all about extreme skying. Skeeing. Skiying. Whatever

    Anyway, that's s....'s NASTY. Anybody who drinks that deserve a medol or award or examine in head, lol.

    I have a friend who got hooked on thayt stuff. oh man! That stuff can make a permanent stain on asphalt!

    Sorry, just freaking me out, even to talk about it. She loves that green bottle. I heard it got started in new orleans when college kids started taking it back to their dorms after they found it here.

    Is that true?

    She's always carry around that brown junk every chance she get, sayz its healthy. Is it> ?

    I guess the Baton Rouge paper started a rumur about it having opium, qualudes, and even an aphrodesiac...anyway, makes u horny.

    Is that true?

    Cant decide if its a better painkiller or hangover maker, lol.

    They even have a commercial where u see this guys face right after taking a swig of this stuff.Like he hates what's all the fuss?

    I wanna try to convince my friend tio STOP USING THIS STUFF AND DRINK OJ INSTEAD.


    tHANKS A LOT. I really want her to quit everything, but i figure, one at a time.. and start with this one..

    Thanks for your help


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    Sorry, mcd, I just read this...

    Will try to find you some answers on the subject.

    You are a true friend. Keep supporting your friend.

    Welcome. Please know this is a safe place. Feel free to share.


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    Its been a few years did your friend get help?

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