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Thread: Addiction and Healing

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    Addiction and Healing

    Addiction needs to be treated in a proper way regardless of what addiction you are having. I was also a drug addict for more than 3+ years (mostly heroin and cocaine) and it was hard for me to get back to my life as a sober. But I had to do it for my parents because they were suffering a lot with me.

    I forgot everything for drugs, the efforts my parents took to brought me up, their love, their care, everything. I hate myself for being so rude to my parents.

    I'm always thankful to them for taking me to a drug treatment center near me, for rehab. I was in rehab for 6 months and returned as a sober.
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    Arm that is sooo positive really!!! I wish I could have gotten sober for my kids and parents, I ended up nearly dying and doing it for myself sadly years after many attempts.

    But recovery is doable, there IS hope! Right on for the years, thanks for being on the site no doubt you can help someone here!!!

    God Bless!


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    how do u deal with the guilt?

    my mom just died. i know she died earlier than she should have cuz of the pain me and my brothers and sisters put her thru.

    sorry yall, gotta get off and have a good cry.

    io promise tho - not gonna drown my sorrrows. feal them for real, all the way thru. i feal like that's what i gotta do to repent.

    i just cant keep going along like this.

    love you all for helping me see the light. i will be back soon. try later today or tomorrow.

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    Mcd thats a good question and i got the answer...."How do we deal with the guilt?"

    First of all we dont beat ourselves up! Were all in the crazy game called life that had no handbook rules or true are NOT alone! Second is that to be healthy, whether your an addict, alcobolic, or not, you must find FORGIVENESS in your heart not only for anyone you may have hurt but for YOURSELF too!!

    We all make mistakes! We are all on our own personal spiritual path and part of the journey is to make mistakes, its a learning portion and an essential one at that.

    We drink or use at first to get high, later to escape. And as addicts along the way we tend to cause ALOT of damage that we need to deal with eventually or utll kill us! Its carrying baggaages of crap with us, and we gotta let it go or like I said it will be our demise!

    Its not easy to "let go, let God"...heres a helpful quote that helps to do it and helps with foregiving those who hurt us and more importantly here foregiving ourselvea for harming others especially thise we love....

    "What was your motive????"

    Make a list of for instance your mom, make a painful list of what you did to hurt her, and also at each line item what was your motive....because more than likely you did not intend to hurt her right? You made a mistake, you used again or relapsed, and in turn she was harmed emotionally but you didnt go out that day with the intention, the MOTIVE, of hurting your mom right? Right!!

    So you make this list, its a very leraonal one and a very painful one, and if yiu have a friend, a sponsor, a pastor or even you can use Minister Gregory here OnTHIS site to gelp you your gonna share that list with someone. You have repented enough!! Stop beating yourself up!! And since your mom has passed youll need to either go to her grave or make a little physical memorial in your home with her picture, things of you and her etc. And after you share this list with someone and make sure its like 90% good (progress not perfection here!) You gonna setup a time to share it with your mom and God becuase youre gonna say your airry for all those things, your gonna ask God and that person aka your mom to foregive you (which they will, your mom is lookinglooking down on you now wanti g you to be free of this so you can be qell, wanting you to find the peace ahe now has).

    And then....heres the most important gonna ask God, your mom and your inner self within your heart and soul you are going to ask that you forgive YOURSELF!!!

    And the more dramatic or like physical and real you make this so important ceremony of foregivemess the better. Becuase God and your mom are gonna forgive you, and YOU NEED TO FORGIVE YOU. That was the past, this is now. You must forgive yourself honey! Your motives were not to hurt people in your life. But you did sadly, and yet there is hope here and there is a way to move on and not have guilt, shame or remorse...

    Forgive yourself and you will be able to move forward in life, live in today and without the guilt and shame you will have no reason at least in this regard to drink-use or escape.

    Prayers for you! God Bless! Hope this helps, gokd luck lemme know if yiu got ?s!!


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