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    Is it Me or Speed?

    I noticed that whenever I binge on speed (amphetamines) my personality changes a lot, and not in a good way. I become more rude and become a very unpleasant person, regardless of the severity of the comedown - even weeks afterwards. People told me I became annoying, crazy (not in a good way also), and only talk about depressing topics and whine about how my life sucks.

    Has anyone else noticed similar changes, or is it just my psycological reaction to it?

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    My personality changes while I'm binging on meth. That's more or less from the lack of sleep. But it can get brutal after a while. I always heard people whispering about me. Loud enough to hear, but couldn't quite hear the words. A few days of that and it makes you feel real shitty.

    I think what you're talking about is after the binge wears off. Amphetamines absolutely wreck havoc on your seratonin receptors, and feeling a bit down is something that most likely will occur for a few days while your brain works on replacing your feel good chemical. There are certain vitamins you can take to help keep a healthy balance. I can't think of them off hand but I know it's around here somewhere.

    If it feels like it's causing you major psychological issues, I'd recommend a long abstinence with any amphetamines. Just until you start to feel more like yourself.

    It's not so bad. What really helps is not having anything available to get. I do know what you mean, though. Every time I hear something concerning meth I swear my heart does flips it beats so fast. Seems even my subconscious craves it, because after 3 or 4 days if I don't stop I know what's in store for me. Those days are hell. 1-2 days is the perfect target for me. Maybe that'd help. If you can't stop all together, force yourself to hold it to 2 days maximum.

    That may be easier than a full stop altogether. I will admit though, I'm really happy I lost my good connections to crystal, because now it's more like it's supposed to be. A treat. Not something I need just to finish the day, but every few months I'll acquire my fix and stop again when it's gone.

    iF ANYONE IS READING THIS AND THINKING it doesn't belong on a forum such as this, keep in mind that some of us are backwards, this is all we handle...a little tapering off at a time.

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