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    PTSD, Addictions, and Why You're Here

    PTSD is in the news. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a condition one may receive after having gone through a traumatic event. When someone experiences PTSD, they may be tempted to use drugs and/or alcohol as a way to cope, which can lead to problems of addiction.

    The term, self-medication, is when you take drugs or alcohol to deal with stressful emotions. Self-medicating may give you a temporary break, but in the long run, will do much more harm than good. It keeps you from taking care of your responsibilities, and frankly, makes it harder to enjoy life. If you have PTSD, using alcohol can make your symptoms worse. See more here:

    When taking alcohol or drugs cause problems in your life, you are having a problem with substance abuse. Substance abuse is very harmful in several ways; it can hurt your relationships with family and friends; it can cause problems at work and you may not be able to work. Substance abuse leads to serious health problems, and can cause death or incapacity.

    If using drugs and alcohol, you may become dependent, which means you canít quit. If you try to quit, you will have withdrawal symptoms, such as feeling sick or shaky. Becoming dependent on a drug or alcohol also means you will have to take more of it to get the same effect.

    Not all PTSD sufferers have problems with substance abuse, but it does increase your risks to develop a problem. Sometimes substance abusers may not even know they have a problem because it may creep up on you. As an example, many people enjoy watching sports and drinking with friends. As time goes on, without you even noticing, the drinking becomes the most important part.

    If your behavior has changed how you use drugs or alcohol, then, you may have a substance abuse issue. You may be here because you suspect you have a problem. You may already know you have a substance abuse problem and may be addicted. If you suspect you have this problem, please, do not ignore it!

    Drinking alcohol and taking drugs can make you more aggressive or mean. It can interfere in your ability to take care of your family or work. If you use drugs and alcohol while driving or operating machinery, it will put you in danger. It can lead to legal problems. It is never a good idea to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol.

    Addiction ruins lives. It changes who you are; it puts you in danger and will eventually kill you if left untreated. This forum was set up to help you learn about your addiction and hopefully, find ways to cope. Learning to make better choices for your health is very important; so is learning why you started to self-medicate.

    Ultimately, this forum wishes to help support you while you begin to make changes to stop using drugs or alcohol altogether, and learn to deal with your problems in better ways.

    Please bookmark this forum and visit often for confidential help.

    Welcome. Please know this is a safe place. Feel free to share.


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    Never read this, Tracy... it's great! Thanks.


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    Thanks for the information.

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