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    Ashton also said the Rocket League Trading of Defense

    In a forum post, Jagex explain what is wrong billionaire reasons: one team is implementing the code pickpocketing update. This is seen as involved in the production of coins stacked bags. In death, the aim is to convert it into a real coin, part of making PKer could get into the stack if the value of the coin applicable.When conversion project of the heap, it is appropriate checks, calculations do not overflow the biggest game of the language integer limit (2.1 bn). Unfortunately, for the calculation logic is incorrect, the results when other items (without the bag itself) is performed in the stack the stack, 2.1B coins.Regrettably conversion, although the bag was found to act correctly detecting process because it does not want to be changed and have no defects found to affect other projects.

    To achieve the most gold one day each old school in RuneScape player's dream, you can carry possibilities: 2.147 billions legendary. "Maximum cash" As described in the update this morning, to dream suddenly became a reality a lot of players an error: cash received numerous players OSRS largest source stack, which usually generate thousands of gold. As a result, formally launched updated about 20 minutes later, the developer Jagex completely into the game off, temporarily disable all of the server, and they look into the gold repeat mistakes.

    A Jagex development, who went by the Department of Defense Department of Defense ash handle, discussed the issue confirmed that "the biggest cash stack" on Twitter, "death generated, if you have a certain project." Ashton also said the Rocket League Trading of Defense, OSRS team is rolling back spade hat, to restore the state of the game before the update bug effectively remove all of the gold and other disorders updated copy everything that happens in 20 minutes or less.

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