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    The latest update Rocket League Trading

    Psyonix finally announced that its highly anticipated "rocket pass", which will be the release date of a Fortnite type of season ticket for their car battle / rocket League football matches. Pass will be available from September 5 to November 26th.The rocket Pass announced earlier this year, for the progress of the system's games growing means. It is essentially the same "battle Pass" which is characterized by Epic Games' popular fighting game Royal Fortnite - which; by simply playing the game, as well as gaining XP, which will greatly contribute to your level, you will arrive "layer", which will reward you with an awesome beauty items.

    There is a free pass and one rocket premium. Premium version can be the price of 10 keys (which is equivalent to $ 9.99) at any time can be unlocked. Although the premium includes more than 70 prizes (these are new cars, wheels, objectives explosion, XP bonuses, keys, and more), free version only includes 29 bonusPremium items also will be higher than the rare freedom in the game ones.For more information, have a FAQ section, details of which will be more in-depth research - such as how long it takes to complete the pass, and many more.

    The latest update Rocket League Trading, where maintenance and development of the game's XP system, will launch August 29 on all platforms, Psyonix announced today.The progress update will follow a week, by the introduction of the "rocket pass." Psyonix said. Whether it is a new XP system and $ 9.99 a rocket through retrospective announced in June.

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