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    There is nothing wrong with deaths in RS3's price

    Blast mining might be a way to RuneScape gold earn cash for that. Barrows would also be a good target you could achieve in the upcoming few weeks by getting the Ibans team (another pursuit lol). So would absolutely help you make some money, barrows is close to a mil an hour. After that you'll have sufficient money to train combats, and eventually slayer to enter bossing. Keeping on that quest mill will give the start to you. All those amounts are dreadful to train, although it may suck on somewhat. Go purchase and clean herbs and put them to make unf pots then offer them for gain. Just check prices first just incase you will eliminate money or there is another one which can make you money. Cleaning the herbs will get you easy xp which will unlock herbs that are more profitable.

    Once you create a pile of gold doing this, just buy a shitload of green dragonhide and run back and forth between the Al kharid bank and tanner and sell the leather back to the g.e. (be sure that you have enough cash left over to cover the tanner). I'll add to the goal thing everyone has increased. Making money is not bad, although just making money sucks. If you want to do some bossing, I'd suggest starting with barrows - pursuit towards an ibans staff (underground move ), upgrade it, then train prayer to 50ish, magical and range to 50+ and do it. It's going be somewhat rough in the beginning, but do a few runs every now and then and you will quickly find it super easy and profitable.

    There is nothing wrong with deaths in RS3's price. Anyone who experiences 10m+ passing costs should be capable enough at telos to produce that make in 5-10 minutes worth of time. (idk solak/aod gp/hr( just done on my iron). 2-3M death costs may be made back out of 5 minutes of the great majority of level supervisors. I have an ironman death costs are not a problem there either. You've got a huge abundance of GP and oynx's. Broke fucks stay mad, keep yelling about tramps. I agree, but you are grossly overstating the rs3 death cost. I use t90 gear with such and switches and my passing cost is around 2mil and I've never seen anyone say their death cost was 5mil earlier (that I know its possible and people do have it, but its uncommon enough as someone that pvms with different people for hours each day, I've never noticed it), so the average definitely isnt 6mil.

    By overstating the average death price you're poking holes in your argument instead of strengthening as I'm sure you'd planned. With the way Jagex is, a jmod could look at this post and only point out that even basing on instanced boss encounter deaths, the ordinary departure price cost is way less than you said so there's absolutely no problem and no rework is necessary. Like I said at the start, I concur with you, but I'm just giving some feedback on that part since it's a very informative and mostly factual article minus that part.I earnestly do not think I am overstating the cost for a pvm death using a typical gear setup. It is a equipment installation that is standard. Protect item brings this to over 6m. This is not some hybrid setup. It is only a melee installation with an sgb change, nothing crazy.

    The dilemma is that you are presuming that top-tier PVMers with all the best setups possible are the majority, but they aren't. Armor with switches and full weapons has just like a death expenses and best. But its nature is that most people aren't geared with full t92 including their switches. The majority of individuals are targeted with a combination of t92, t90, and t80 (nex gear since sirenic/ t80 d2d until monday) because of their firearms, armor and buy old school rs gold switches for PVM so that they are not hitting those high passing expenses.

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