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    Hello, my name is jasikaadam. I know you guys know me, but I wanna say, Iím a heroin addict. Iím not using now, but I know I will always be an addict. I never really thought of myself as an addict, that is, until I decided to get treatment and start to really work on a program.

    In the many years of my addiction, I took for granted everything in my life. Believe me, hurt the people closest to me the most. I pushed everyone away so I could do what addicts do best. I know you know what I"m talking about.

    Through my treatment and working a good program, Iíve learned a lot about this disease and a lot about myself. I learned that I am not the bad person I thought I was, I just made bad decisions because my mind was clouded by drugs.

    My life is so much better and enjoyable since Iíve made the decision to change my life and turn my life and will over to my higher power. I have so much to be grateful for these days. A few short months ago, I didnít care whether I lived or died. I thought I was going to end up a worthless junkie.

    Heck, I WAS that worthless junkie!

    Now I am so happy to be alive, living a clean and sober life. I am also grateful to have such a great support network from my family - well, some of my family, the staff at the community residence where I live and my outpatient counselors.

    Through the self-help meetings that I attend, Iíve made a lot of new friends that I can count on for support. I took their suggestions and got a sponsor, got a service position and feel this has helped me immensely.

    Once you make the decision to change your life the possibilities are endless.

    God Bless a moment of gratitude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasikaadam View Post

    Once you make the decision to change your life the possibilities are endless.
    Yes exactly, No one can change you until you want to change yourself.

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