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Thread: I Dont Know

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    I Dont Know

    I thought I was at that point several times, but the dfrug was stronger than me. When do you ever know your ready this time? I just got out of rehab, but doesnt mean I actually at that point to call it my "MOMENT OF TRUTH".

    When do you KNOW?

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    Jas I hear you, I went to my first rehab at age 14 with many more since including jail, etc...LOTS of consequences, with me always asking myself when do I get to the point where I can truly stay sober here?? WTF??!!! Right!!!

    My drug/alcohol counselor put it pretty well...when it becomes more appealing to stay sober than use. Some of us bring it to the point of dying, and sadly some of us die. Some of us go to jail or prison, and that's enough. And some of us, like my mom who has 35 years sober, was dying from drugs and alcohol and tried to kill herself and went into a 4 day detox and literally has never touched a drink since. One day at a time!

    The more you understand however about your addiction which is a disease, an illness, and the more you surround yourself with tools to succeed (fellow friends in recovery, counseling for your issues, changing people/places/things to SUPPORT your recovery) the better chances you have.

    Willingness is the key, but that is only the beginning. It's like having cancer, you have to do whatever you can to support your recovery today and for tomorrow...does that help? Hit me up on pm if you wanna chat! Prayers for you!


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