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    IBOGA the safest path to any addiction.


    A new and best quality iboga rootbark has been discovered in the Congo from old trees harvested in the best environmental way.
    Be the first to journey in the spirit with this sacrament.
    As a member of the Bwiti community, I have more than 15 years experience working with the wood.And can ship to most parts of the world.
    We offer 10kg + 1 to 2kg of Bonus wood FREE.
    We ship,its received and tested before payment is issued.
    For more info, please write or call via; tel; +237673986003 or email;

    NOTE; Ask questions and I will answer. I am in your service, for your health is our priority and also iboga rootbarks can detoxify your system from any addiction be it heroine,cocaine,alcohol,cigarette and sexual addictions. Experience the magic with the sacramental plant IBOGA.


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